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Here, you will find important tips and secrets that will help you buy, sell, invest, or rent your next home in Miami! Ignacio and Marcia Valenzuela believe in empowering you so that you can make the best decisions!

¡Obtenga los últimos secretos y sugerencias que lo ayudarán a comprar, alquilar o vender su casa en Miami! ¡Ignacio y Marcia Valenzuela creen en empoderarte para que puedas tomar las mejores decisiones ahora!


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Feb 26, 2019

Are you still renting and dreaming of owning your home because you think you can't buy yet?  You NEED to watch this show as we empower you with REAL knowledge, not bad information you've been hearing from your friends and family all your life.  Watch this to gain power and to get into your dream home already!...

Oct 26, 2018

Do you want to buy a home in Miami? Make sure you are empowered with the right information from a real estate expert. We give you powerful tips you won’t hear anywhere else because we want you to be successful!