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Here, you will find important tips and secrets that will help you buy, sell, invest, or rent your next home in Miami! Ignacio and Marcia Valenzuela believe in empowering you so that you can make the best decisions!

¡Obtenga los últimos secretos y sugerencias que lo ayudarán a comprar, alquilar o vender su casa en Miami! ¡Ignacio y Marcia Valenzuela creen en empoderarte para que puedas tomar las mejores decisiones ahora!


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Apr 9, 2019

We sat down with the General Manager of Mercedes Benz at Cutler Bay Luis Guiterrez who talked to us about his personal story of how he went from cleaning at Mercedes to being the man in charge, and about how to sell and lead with integrity! There is an amazing amount of advice for you realtors too!

You don't want to...

Apr 2, 2019

In this episode, the CEO of the Miami Association of Realtors, Teresa King Kinney, talks to us about when is the best time to buy or sell your house in Miami. We also discuss why Miami is a great place to be. And, for all realtors out there, you don’t want to miss all the great things the Association is doing!!!! This...

Oct 26, 2018

Do you want a simple explanation of what is happening today in the real estate market in Miami? Do you want to know what is coming in 2019?  Watch this and get empowered in less than 10 minutes.